Compassion Is Central

Compassionate Rochester MN is a movement to raise awareness in our community of the benefits of compassionate actions to all who live, work, or visit Rochester, MN.

The overall focus of Compassionate Rochester, MN is the stewardship of the universal values of kindness, love, and compassion.

What if…

we now turned our collective attention and our human ingenuity in business, education, healthcare, the arts, religion and all our human endeavors to create a compassionate community where people are motivated by compassion to take responsibility for and care for each other?

What is a Compassionate City?

A compassionate city is an uncomfortable city! A city that is uncomfortable when anyone is homeless or hungry. Uncomfortable if every child isn’t loved and given rich opportunities to grow and thrive. Uncomfortable when as a community we don’t treat our neighbors as we would wish to be treated.

Karen Armstrong, Founder of the global movement, The Charter for Compassion