Mayor’s Medal of Honor award

Mayor’s Medal of Honor award
December 13, 2017 adminuser

For its 34th year, the city took time to recognize people who are making a difference in the community with the Mayor’s Medal of Honor awards.

Many of the winners were shocked to receive the honor because they said they’re just doing what they love.

“You hear these stories of people that wouldn’t tell their own story generally,” Mayor Ardell Brede said. “They just are doing it because it’s the right thing to do and so we sometimes almost have to trick them to get them here and thinking that somebody else is getting the award.”

Compassionate Rochester MN organizer, Catherine Ashton received the Mayor’s Medal of Honor for the work creating our Compassionate Rochester MN compassionate city. “What an honor,” said Catherine. “I am deeply moved. Thank you to all who continue to help on this project. Our work is supported and recognized as our Compassionate City grows. We call on you to recognize compassion as a value in our community and to act on it.”