Listening Tour with the Rochester Olmsted Youth Commission. March 7, 2018

Going Above and Beyond

The Youth Commission represents a cross section of youth who work with local government, businesses, and non-profit organizations to give young people in Olmsted County a voice.

The Youth Commission has been a successful partnership between Olmsted County and the City of Rochester for over 20 years. Our presence sends a clear message that youth in our community are valued.

Their Goals: 1) Generate civic engagement, leadership and service opportunities. 2) Increase awareness of important issues affecting young people. 3) Recognize youth achievements and contributions.

Young people in our community gave members of the Compassionate Rochester MN a small insight into a variety of partnerships and programs they are involved with.

Friendship Place:

Volunteers enjoy working with students from all over Rochester with tutoring in English, math, and on line research.


A long-standing partner in RNeighbors tree plantings, the Olmsted County Youth Commission has planted 5000 trees in the last 12 years. More than 300 youths participate every year.

City Council:

Youth members have met with the city council to present a resolution on inclusion. This resolution is not finalized but we will be following the progress of this resolution.

Olmsted Parks:

One youth explained to us the work done with the county park system to provide action all-terrain track chairs to help the disabled allowing users to go off-road and off-trail through the woods and fields.

Also, this group meets at Indian Heights every year to pull garlic mustard and buckthorn from the park.

23rd Annual “Outstanding Youth Awards”:

Youth members invite the public to nominate a young person who has gone above and beyond expectations to make a difference in their family, school or community.  If only we could nominate this entire group…

Homeless youth:

This group annually meet at HyVee Barlows to ask shoppers to buy items on a list given to them for homeless youth. They have raised over $20,000 in 5 years. Also, they are active with the SOS program and the Backpack program.

Clean Energy:

This group is co-hosting the Southern Minnesota Youth Clean Electricity Summit April 14, 2018 from 11-3 in the Rochester Public Library in room C. Join them to hear from client movement leaders and to brainstorm strategies to make lasting change for our families and neighbors.


These youths are working to make their peers more aware of the ins and outs of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia starting an organization called Purple Orchard. With the efforts from this group, the school board has added one 40-minute class to the high school health class curriculum where all students will be required to take this class, so that students can better understand how to handle those who might be lost or confused.

Mental Health:

This youth group works with SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education). Writing and filming a 30 second public service video with a message of hope for young people suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts. They are also working to add more mental health topics to the health class curriculums in the area high schools

Members of the Rochester Olmsted Youth Commission come from High Schools in Rochester and Olmsted county and represent cultural, religious, and ethnic differences here in this region. Let’s give them honor and support for their actions in our community.

Thank YOU!